Take full advantage of the cloud computing model by containerizing the applications and building microservices for agility, flexibility, reproducibility & transparency.  

Build new applications and modernize the existing ones in accordance with the principles of the cloud that are optimized for the utilization of product development & faster service delivery to your customers. 

Benefits of Cloud-Native Application Platform 

1. Faster Release 

The faster an organization can conceive; build & ship software determines their market stand against the competition.  

User demand for new functions grows faster than your development processes can meet. You need a platform, methods, application services, and tools that can keep up without forcing you to leave behind the existing apps that your customers depend on. Cloud development methods – DevOps and agile – also guide cloud projects forward at a fast pace and resolve bottlenecks in a short time. 

2. Easy Management 

Serverless platforms like Azure function & AWS Lambda take the hassle out of managing infrastructure so that you don’t worry about configuring the networks, allocating storage, or provisioning cloud instances, etc. as an example.  

3. Cost Savings 

Standardization of infrastructure & tooling across many cloud platforms helps reduce costs for organizations by containerizing the applications independent of the platform. An example of such is the open-source Kubernetes platform which is standard for managing resources on the cloud. 

4. System Reliability  

By using approaches like Microservices & Kubernetes you can build applications that are fault-tolerant with self-healing built-in. These approaches prevent an entire application from being affected or taken down when a technical failure hits thus allowing you to isolate and work on the impacted area alone. 

5. Scalability 

Who doesn’t want the business to grow? With a growing business comes a growing scale of application use. Cloud-native development allows you to be worry-free of the growing scalability by optimizing the applications scale automatically with you paying only for the services used. 

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About Inovar Consulting 

Inovar delivers state-of-the-art smart solutions through its Consulting evangelists who help businesses identify and integrate emerging technologies and software initiatives that create a trusted customer experience and camaraderie. 

As the world is moving to Industry 4.0 standards and some countries formalizing these standards, workflow automation is going to play a central role as a driving force for telecom organizations. Workflow Automation reduces the time and costs it takes to activate and provision services, thereby increasing the acquisition of end-users. 

Workflow Automation 

Huge traffic and signal compliance create difficulties to collaborate with peer networks, understand their difficulties, and reach out to the right contact network for a possible solution.   

SharePoint resolves the problem of seamless collaboration and communication between internal stakeholders – different teams, departments & geographies.  

By implementing SharePoint Online telecom organizations can move a lot of their vital collaboration tools to the cloud, enabling peer networks to share problems and concerns, access a single content from a different point, and add value while on the move. With the offline access feature, all data automatically gets synchronized between SharePoint Online and local computers whenever a network connection is available.   

SharePoint Online offers a real-time co-authoring feature to enable the stakeholders to collaborate in real-time.  

Our proficiency in providing SharePoint solution 

Our US telecom client was facing collaboration and communication issues due to an improper and interrupted operation. According to Shivsankar Barik, VP Delivery of Inovar Consulting, the main challenge was that our client’s organization had an issue in collaborating with peers and reaching out to the right SPOCs to find important information.    

Our target was to provide them with an automated technical solution to ensure effortless operations and uninterrupted communication. We cut down their time to market and improved their operational efficiency with a 40% improvement in site/signal compliance achieved with the help of big data analytics and helped them migrate from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online. The entire automated environment enriches the visualization and monitoring power in a network. It also provides real-time alerts to avoid any sudden failure.  

“What started as workflow automation solution, resulted in huge cost savings optimizing end to end process”- Apratim Ghosh (CEO, Inovar Consulting).  

We have come a long way since then having managed their existing SharePoint Sites, built net new sites for different teams. Data security and access control are other vital concerns of our clients. We deploy a hybrid cloud solution applying next-gen technology for controlling access with better data security.  

Automated telecom infrastructure with a customer-centered, data-driven culture can drive profit, increase productivity and significantly reduce costs. If you are also looking for an automated technology solution to manage your telecom networking and communication systems feel free to  reach out to us.