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By Manoj Raj Bale 3rd March, 2022

If your business is outgrowing your current systems but you’re not sure where to go next, SharePoint may be a good fit. Before 2011 SharePoint was only affordable for mid and large sized organisation due to heavy expense, but when it is bundled up with cloud version as SharePoint online it becomes affordable also for small business.  

How SharePoint work as centralised hub: 

Cloud solution is one of the biggest advantages of SharePoint online which you can access anywhere at any time. It also acts as a centralized hub for storing your files in one easy-to-access location. Your team does not need to hunt down information or documents. Instead, they can easily search for your document on the SharePoint hub.  

You can also secure your documents with different permission rights like reading, reading/writing, etc. Finally, you can access all your office documents from a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet. SharePoint works on Android, Apple, and Windows devices. 

Over a decade SharePoint architecture becomes flat where we build each of our modern SharePoint site in their own site collections. This affords a multitude of benefits, including configuring site collection settings to meet our site’s exact needs, keeping our site URLs short, and avoiding the constant struggle to migrate sites from one site collection to another based on organizational changes. But we still need to figure out how to connect our flat SharePoint sites together in a meaningful way. This is where SharePoint hubs come in. 

Benefits and challenges of hubs 

hubs provide every organisation familial and logical tie between every SharePoint site, you can unify SharePoint site branding, provide a common navigation experience, and roll up news and events in a centralized display. Here are few benefits that streamline your business and improve communication strategy within your organisation.  

*Hubs enhance content discovery by tying sites together for easy browsing 

*Hubs are also flexible and support your organization as it evolves. 

* You can improve your company branding automatically by assigning your site to a new hub 

But at the same point you have to be also careful about the challenges related to hub. End users and sharepoint owners must know about two vital point 

1.Site collections no longer contain hierarchies of sites; they’re now “flat” and contain only one site. 

2.SharePoint hubs are not a new type of site collection. Site collections were physical constructs that created hierarchical site structures (aka parent and child sites). 

Develop hubs with Inovar  

Inovar delivers state-of-the-art smart solutions through its Consulting evangelists who help businesses identify and integrate emerging technologies and software initiatives. We help to integrate SharePoint online according to your business needs and present challenges. Check out our SharePoint projects and share your details for a free consultation.  

Manoj Raj Bale

Digital Marketing Executive at Inovar| Growth-focused digital strategy planner.
Good exposure in SEO, SEM, SMM. Passionate about making the business grow through digital.

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