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Business Transformation with the Power of Copilot Teams and Copilot Studio

avathar By Apratim Ghosh
date 20th May, 2024

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Successfully building a digital transformation strategy and implementing and executing it can get extremely challenging. Especially for organizations that have accumulated generations of technologies, the path to successful business transformation is laden with obstacles that hinder outcomes. If you want to set the right foot forward, you need to identify the right opportunities, develop the right strategies, and invest in the right tools. 

Learn how an implementation partner like InovarTech can build custom plugins for Copilot Teams and Copilot Studio, enabling your business to be more agile, responsive, and competitive.

Unleashing Productivity with Copilot

As advancements in artificial intelligence surge, tools like Copilot Teams and Copilot Studio are unleashing the next level of productivity. Built with large language models and armed with various automation capabilities, Copilot seamlessly works along several everyday tools to make humans more productive, efficient, and creative. 

From senior leaders to marketing professionals, frontline agents to shop floor workers, Copilot offers features that streamline tasks, automate workflows, and enhance collaboration. Employees across the organization can use Copilot to unlock productivity and creativity and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. 

Here are some ways organizations can exploit the capabilities of Copilot: 

  • Customer service agents can use Copilot to automate responses and provide instant and around-the-clock customer support. 
  • Team leaders can use Copilot to summarize meeting discussion points and allocate responsibilities accordingly. 
  • Sales teams can embrace Copilot to integrate sales insights into their workflow, personalize content, and close more deals. 
  • Financial analysts can leverage the power of Copilot to automate data analysis and analyze critical market information in minutes. 
  • Copilot can enable HR teams to streamline benefits and compensation or even gather and act on employee feedback and increase engagement
  • Marketing teams can use Copilot to understand market sentiment and curate proposals catering to customers’ pulse. 
  • Risk management teams can use Copilot to analyze large datasets, predict potential risks, and pivot as necessary. 
  • Copilot can deliver much-needed coding assistance to programmers, reducing time spent on routine tasks and focusing on solving bigger problems and driving innovation. 

Tailoring Copilot Experiences with InovarTech

The right team of strategists, designers, and developers can enable organizations to transform business capabilities into consumable services and applications that users love to use. Such a team can help build and execute a digital-first strategy and enable organizations to implement and extend modern tools to accelerate your growth. 

When it comes to making the most of Copilot, the right partner can help customize features or tailor the overall experience using Copilot Studio. Built on the foundations of leading conversational AI technologies and interoperable with Azure AI Studio, the partner can customize Copilot by building custom plugins to tailor responses to common scenarios and enable greater control and efficiency. They can also help create your own Copilots and GPTs incorporating your data and enabling engaging interactions.

Here’s how a partner like InovarTech can enable business transformation with the power of Copilot Teams and Copilot Studio: 

  • Automate Common Workflows: Using the power of Copilot Studio, InovarTech teams can help you navigate the intricacies of your day-to-day processes. We can streamline complex business tasks through intelligent automation, such as submitting expenses, onboarding employees, managing leaves, etc. 
  • Tailor Conversations: For users who need to send out specific responses, a partner can help design tailored conversations. For instance, they can enable sales teams to send out the right response when they receive customer sales inquiries. 
  • Summarize Meetings: The right partner can help unlock high workforce productivity levels with Copilot in Teams and enable teams to engage in effective meetings. Custom plugins can help you summarize key discussion points, suggest action items, and allocate the next steps to appropriate members. 
  • Customize Prompts: Several important discussions happen during meetings that must be referred to for future steps. An expert implementation partner can help you get the insight you need from important discussions. From disagreements to follow-up questions, different perspectives, action items, and more. They can customize Teams prompts, allowing you to wrap up meetings with clear next steps. 
  • Uncover Answers: Copilot doesn’t just help automate tasks or curate summaries. The right partner can help direct your Copilot to multiple data sources, including external websites and internal knowledge bases, so you can get answers to questions in minutes. For instance, customer service agents can enter questions on SharePoint and have Copilot generate instant answers, help, and guidance from different SharePoint sites. 
  • Manage Integrations: A partner can help extend Copilot capabilities to other apps and systems within our business. Using plugins and custom extensions, they can enable your Copilot to access and use third-party data from apps such as Jira, Dynamics 365, Bing Web Search, SAP, ServiceNow, Box, and more. Based on your requirements, the partner can enable, disable, assign, block, or remove plugins for Copilot while ensuring the highest level of data privacy.

Copilot Use Cases

Copilot can be used by different teams to meet different requirements; here are some popular use cases: 

  • Use copilot as your personal assistant to create emails, summarize meetings, and generate a list of action items.  
  • Have Copilot analyze a particular data set and build intuitive visualizations from the data via a simple prompt. 
  • Leverage Copilot to find information from existing documents or the web and prepare a synopsis for quicker understanding. 
  • Make Copilot your hub for all work by integrating it with existing tools and act on real-time data. 

As businesses look to better compete in a volatile and highly competitive world, Copilot paves the way for high levels of productivity and efficiency. Reimagine your current digital technology landscape with Copilot-enabled solutions that will take your business to the next level. Whether you’re looking for end-to-end Copilot implementation or a custom agile solution for a particular use case, our team of experts and long-standing experience in transforming businesses from legacy to modern can make you stay relevant for generations to come. 

Partner with us to: 

  • Solve complex problems using the power of Copilot
  • Integrate Copilot with the apps you use to run your business 
  • Get a comprehensive view of data across the enterprise 
  • Create a unified user experience and enable a single source of truth